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Yes, I’m anxious to help sustain the Sigma Phi Delta legacy! Here is the level of support I am able to provide this year:

Contributing member
Sustaining member $100
Building member ($1 per day) $365
Supervising member $500
Founding member $3000
Other amount (please specify) $

I would like my donatation to be directed to the following fund:
  General Fund

Further the outreach of the Fraternity by carrying our message of brotherhood, professionalism, and scholarship to engineering students worldwide. Your gift helps us attain our long-term objective of having alumni carry some of the financial burden of our expansion and education outreach programs as well as the cost of running the National office.
(non tax-deductable)

  Sigma Phi Delta Foundation A tax-deductable fund for scholarship and education-related expenses.
  Both of the above funds Indicate the portion to be directed to the General Fund: $
  Expansion Fund

You may specify one of the following schools targeted for this year's expansion campaign:

I would like a portion of my donation to pay the annual dues for my Alumni Chapter...
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I would like a portion of my donation to go to my Undergraduate Chapter...
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