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There are four classes of membership in the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity: undergraduate, alumni, faculty and honorary. An Undergraduate Member is one who is an undergraduate student at the college or university at which the Chapter is located. An Alumnus Member is one who had been an undergraduate at the time of graduation or withdrawal from school or who is a regularly enrolled graduate student at a college or university at which an active chapter is located. Faculty Membership is conferred upon members of the Engineering and allied faculties of the university or college where the active chapter is located. Honorary Members are outstanding engineers elected to the Fraternity-at-large by the General Convention.

Active and Alumni members may not hold dual membership in any other general or professional fraternity. Faculty and Honorary Members may be members of other fraternities, either general or professional.

REFERENCE: Constitution, Article VI; Statutory Code, Title IX.


To be eligible for pledgeship, a man must be a regularly enrolled student working toward a degree in Engineering at the school where the Chapter is located, or, with special permission from the General Convention, working toward a degree in a four-year ABET accredited engineering technology curriculum at the School where the chapter is located. Before a man may be initiated, he must have been enrolled at the School for at least one term, he cannot be on probation, his grades must be equal to those required for graduation, he must be in good standing in the school, and must have been a pledge for a prescribed minimum period of time. No person may remain continuously a pledge for more than two semesters or three-quarters. At the end of such time, a pledge is automatically rescinded. A man must be a Pledge for at least three-fourths of a semester or one full quarter prior to initiation, except that the Supreme Council may approve a shortened pledge period for cause. Time of pledging is from the time of formal pledging at the time of initiation, provided an established pledge training program is in effect during that time.

Each undergraduate chapter is required to maintain a pledge training school, for which this Manual is prepared. Prior to initiation, the pledge must be examined on his knowledge of the Fraternity and must pass an examination by a grade of at least 70%. No pledge may be subjected to any indecent or dangerous ordeal during his pledgeship. Pledges will not be hazed, as defined in an earlier section of this Manual. At the same time, the pledge is prohibited from destroying or appropriating property belonging to others, to other chapters or to the National Fraternity. The single exception to this is the Rip-Off Trophy which each Chapter is expected to maintain for this purpose.