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Sigma Phi Delta's Officers are all volunteers. We dedicate our time every day for the continued greatness of our Fraternity. Certainly the remaining alumni of our fraternity share in our desire to support the Premier International Engineering Fraternity. Many of the elected offices are 2-year terms, beginning in even-numbered years. The nominations and elections for these offices normally occur during General Convention years (odd years). Other offices are appointed by the Grand President, with approval by the Supreme Council

At this time, we are seeking experienced, highly-motivated Sigma Phi Delta Alumni for the following positions within the Supreme Council and the International Office.

Fundraising Manager - beginning 1/1/2010
Circulation Manager - beginning 1/1/2010
Board of Trustees Member - beginning January 1, 2011
Your Chapter's Alumni Adviser

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Let’s continue to sustain our Fraternity and see it grow to levels only dreamt about.
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